Life, Legacy & Love

A record of my life and final wishes
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This book is based on the work of Tania Howard and her late mum, Ceridwen White.

They saw a need to provide a process, an easy to use book that supported people planning for their death.

A place where final wishes, important details and significate stories could be recorded.

They worked on this book together, eight months before Ceridwen died.

This book was Ceridwen’s passion.

It was her way of ensuring her children would not have the worry about the frequently-challenging administration required when a loved one dies and provide a place where her last requests and a record of her life were captured.

It was Ceridwen’s sudden, untimely passing that made Tania realise just how important and valuable this book is.

Table of Contents

A note from the creators 6
A note to the reader 6
My personal details 7
My special requests 8
My family details 9
My children 10
My resting place 11
My special item 11
My funeral 12
Plaque wording 14
My pallbearers 14
Pre paid funeral fund 15
My wishes 16
Practical information you may need to know 18
Legal details 18
Home and assets 20
Banking details 21
Debts and liabilities 24
Military details 25
Clubs and organisations 27
My medical history 28
Love section 29
My life highlights 29
My special messages 30
Legacy 32
My life story 37

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